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2-D and coins

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    Well I am doing a minor project on dimensions and probablity.Please friends try this out:-----------

    A coin of diameter d is tossed randomly onto the rectangular cartesian plane .
    What is the probablity that the coin does not intersect any line whose equation is of the forms :-------
    (a) y=mx+c
    (b) (x/a)+(y/b)=1

    I am trying first with 2-D figure but if I get a proper answer I can find for euclidean plane too.
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    (b) is also a line. I assume you mean to square the x and y.

    Obviously, you need to somehow restrict the area you're working with. You cannot use the entire euclidean plane as there exists no uniform distribution over it.
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    Ziox,You are right about your point on euclidean plane.I have not yet thought about that.But buddy, (b) is the intercept form of a line which cuts off intercepts a and b from x and y-axis respectively.Have you tried the (a) part ???
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