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Homework Help: 2-D Kinematics

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    The displacement from London, Uk, to Rome is 1400km [43 degrees E of S]. A wind is blowing with a velocity of 75km/h [E]. The pilot wants to fly directly from London to Rome in 3.5h. What velocity relative to the air must the pilot maintain?

    [p = plane, a = air, g = ground]

    Vpa + Vag = Vpg

    Vpg = d/t
    = 1400km [43º E of S] / 3.5hr
    = 400km/h [43º E of S]

    Vpgx = 400sin43 = 272.79km/h
    Vpgy = 400cos43 = 292.54km/h

    Vagx = 75km/h
    Vagy = 0

    Vx = 272.79 - 75 = 197.79km/h
    Vy = 292.52 + 0 = 292.52km/h

    V = sqrt 197.79² + 292.52²
    V = 353.11km/h

    tan-1(197.79/295.52) = 34º

    therefore the velocity the pilot must maintain is 353.11km/h [34º W of S] in order to get to Rome from London.

    Can someone check over my work, my answer did not match the answer key in the back of my text book (although it is filled with mistakes)

    The answer in my text book was 550km/h [15º S of W]
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    Your answer seems fine to me.
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