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2 Data Management Questions

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    Hello I'm having difficulty solving the following two questions and I need your help!
    (Step by step solutions would be very much appreciated if possible)

    Use a significance level of 0.05 for each question.

    Q1) A certain soft-drink manufacturer claims that its product holds 28% of the market. In a blind taste test, 13 out of 60 people chose this product. Does this test support or refute the soft drink manufacturer's claim? Choose a significance level you feel is appropriate for this situation.

    Q2) An insurance company claims that 38% of automobile accidents occur within 5km of home. The company examined 400 recent accidents and found that 120 occurred within 5 km of the driver's home. Does this result support or refute the company's claim? Choose a significance level and justify your choice.
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    This sounds like a homework/coursework question. If so, it belongs on a different forum, and should not seek to have the whole thing solved for you. You should list what you've been taught that appears relevant (equations, definitions) and show your own attempt to solve it.
    But fwiw, in Q1, what's the connection between the results of a taste test and a claim to hold a share of the market?
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