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2 Different Exhausting Methods

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    Please help, i am still a little bit unsure .Thank you.

    Explain why steam exhausting gave rise to a higher vacuum than hot filling in the can?

    Relevant theory.

    Steam exhausting and hot filling are both preservation techniques used to preserve food.
    In this case , we know that temperature, headspace will affect the vacuum produce
    by the method.


    Too small a headspace in the container may result in a thermal process which is not adequate, and may also result in a low vacuum in metal containers producing flippers or springers. Too large a headspace results in excessive air in the container which may accelerate product and container deterioration and may also affect the net contents requirements of the container.

    My Attempt answer:
    Steam exhausting is a step of removing air before sealing and the removal of air underneath the surface of product is almost not required for the product with less vicious liquid while
    hot filling is pouring to the marked level and sealed quickly. As , steam exhausting contain more steam and heat , it can produce a higher level of vacuum as compared to hot filling
    where some of the steam had escaped into the atmosphere.
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