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2 dimensional motion problem

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    A quarter back throws a ball 18 m/s at an angle of 35 degrees above the horizontal. Standing 18 m away is the receiver. How far does the receiver have to go and at what speed must he travel to catch the ball.

    Assume that the delta Y is 0.
    Assume that the receiver leaves the same time the ball is thrown.
    No outside forces.
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    I think this belongs in the homework help section. It's a two-part problem, you'll notice. For the first part, ignore the receiver, and just figure out where the ball is going and when it will get there. You should have an equation (or several) to get that answer.

    Then, figure out how far the receiver has to go, how long she has to get there, and thus how fast she needs to run to get there. That's just a one-dimensional kinematics problem, and with no acceleration, so that part's easy.

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