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2 dimensions in time?

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    2 dimensions in time???

    sorry for another thread, anyway, i've heard before theories about 'the trousers of time' and such, basically, a dimension consulting choice, which allows the theory of alternate realities or parrallel dimensions

    however i have never heard anyone say about the possibility of this being a whole extra dimension in time, i have heard of extra dimensions, but only in the string theory, and i beleive that was 6 new space dimensions

    is this a commonly accepted idea or is it reletivly new and fresh???
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    "Trousers of time" sounds like Terry Pratchett (a science fiction author - a good one, too, but he's writing (mostly) humorous Sci-fi, not a physics textbook).
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    hey, most of my philosophies come from his books... :P

    but i see your point, i mean, time travveling bag ladies???
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