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2 in 1 Book

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    I'm looking for a good book on signals processing both analog and digital and control systems. I noticed these subjects are usually handled in two different thick books but they are some how related and several topics are covered in both. Therefore I was wondering if anyone knows a book that handles both subjects?

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    Signals and Systems, Continuous and Discrete by Ziemer, Tranter, and Fannin has been very useful to me. It first describes the general concepts, then discusses the mathematical tools for continuous signals and ideas of the transfer function (very useful in circuit design), and then it extends those ideas to digital systems and shows the relationship between the two. It is much more a mathematics book (mostly differential equations and some linear algebra) than it is an electronics book, but it gives circuit examples. There are other books on the same subject, and some might be more mechanically than electronically oriented, so pick whichever one is right to you.

    You will want to study this before you get into a control systems book, which assumes you know a lot of that stuff already. A book that tries to do both will leave you with incomplete information in both subjects.
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    If you trying to buy less books, don't. My experience in books is no one book is good in every topics, they all have their strong and weak points. They present the material in very different ways and you'll find some suit you better. AND the most important of it all, most books make mistakes, some make a lot of mistakes particular the cutting edge ones. I remember the phase lock loop book by Roland Best had so many mistakes. I pointed out in Amazon rating and Dr. Best actually responded back and offer to sent me the updated copy soon to be released!!!!

    When any mistake happens, you can get lost and stuck as the formulas don't add up and you don't know what is right. It is so important to have multiple books so you can compare and verify. I am a self studier, I always have at least 5 books on each topics and so far, none is a waste.

    If you want one book to save money, don't. Instead, buy used books on Amazon. Some of the text books are really cheap. I have more books on the topics I studied than Standford University Book store. I bought it all used and I found their advertized condition truthful. Some are like new. Most just have some yellow markers, but still in excellent conditions. In this case, more is better.
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    Interesting book I should give it a try. I was thinking of the famous Oppenhiem's Signals and Systems but it looks somehow dated...there's another one by M. J Roberts but I really dislike embedding MATLAB or any other software screenshots in book pages.

    Very true.

    And to save space too. :D

    What about control systems? I found this one:

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    I have that book, its great!

    My teacher made us use this one, but he taught us from his own lecture notes/book: https://www.amazon.com/Feedback-Con...7389&sr=1-1&keywords=feedback+control+systems

    It is ok, but the one you linked has been more useful to me. It has better and more examples. It has review of stuff from the first book I suggested, but the key is that its just a review. I guess its up to you if you think you can get by on a review of material, or if you want to get 2 books and learn the material to an intuitive/competent level. You could always buy the controls book, and realize later that the signals and systems would be helpful and buy it afterwards, but that is a risk to confuse yourself and slow yourself down. With reference to your past threads, I think the signal and systems book would be more relevant and immediately useful to you, but if your interest is in purely control theory now, then the controls book might be enough to digest.
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