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2 internship offers

  1. Jul 18, 2015 #1
    I've been offered 2 internships, and I'm unsure which to go with since they both offer advantages. For the record I want to develop my career in the RF/telecomms field, with a focus on design. Also, I want to move to the US in the near future for work, so I'm trying to base my decision on which company/industry will give me relevant experience I can use in the US?

    The first company is the main telecomms company in Australia (where I'm from), where I'll be with the Wireless Network Engineering group, in the Radio Network team, where they are working on 4GX. There is no guarantee of continuing work with them after I'm done. They'll be using a program that I'm not familiar with (it's industry standard, used for designing wireless networks, called Atoll).

    The second company is an RF specific company that focuses on antenna, filter, and PCB design. They haven't specifically told me what I'll be working on with them, however I know how to use 2 industry standard programs that they also use (CST and Altium. I've used these through university courses). There *might* be the possibility of staying on with them after I'm done.

    I'm unsure which to go with in terms of what I'll get out of it experience wise, and how much I can develop my skills set. I'm leaning towards the second company, just because they offer the kind of things I want to get involved with. However the first company is just as appealing, and I like the idea of getting into the wireless industry, though there is no possibility of staying on with them, and I was already rejected from the grad application they had.
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    I was an RF engineer for Cisco Systems in the US from 1995-2002. These are the skills that matter more and endure longer.

    Networking protocols and implementation details will change 10 or more times over the course of your career and will also vary with geographical location.

    Fundamentals of antenna, filter, and PCB design won't change and will serve you well in the long term.
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    That's a good point. Thanks for your response Dr Courtney.
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