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2^n-1 is prime

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    First, remember that the OP is new to pure number theory.

    We all know that not every number that follows the formula 2n-1 is prime. My question is, without using trial and error, how would you prove or disprove this statement?

    "All numbers that obey the formula 2n-1, when n is a real integer number greater than 1, are prime."
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    Re: 2^n-1

    Find counterexample.
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    Re: 2^n-1

    Another possibility is noting that, for an even n = 2h, we have that 2^n-1 = (2^h+1)(2^h-1), which makes the original number composite for h > 1.
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    Re: 2^n-1

    For every even n, 2^n-1 is divisible by 3.
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    Re: 2^n-1

    It doesn't have to be even. If ab is composite, then [tex]\frac{2^{ab}-1}{2^a-1}=1+2^a+2^{2a} +++2^{ab-a}[/tex]
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