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2 parallel tel.

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    I know that with option A I have an always-open-line and no problems in communication...

    What I would like to know is, if option B will work when the ground is the building ground?


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    Not sure I understand your question. What kind of phones, and what is the 24V? In the US, the POTS (plain old telephone sets) use -48V for power. And if you are asking if you can use a building ground instead of the 2nd conductor in the twisted pair of phone line, the answer in general would be "not if you want a clear signal". Also, building ground is susceptible to electrical transients (like surges caused by nearby lightning strikes), so the chance of damaging the phones would increase if wired that way.
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    As for damaging the phones - they wouldn be connected for a long time and I dont really care about them. :smile:

    A for noise - as long the line will work and I'll be able to understand what the person in the other end says - I'm ok with it.

    The phones are just plain phones, and 24v is enough to get the line open with no noises.
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