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2 Problems.

  1. Nov 17, 2004 #1
    2 Problems.!!

    #1 Tell Whether The Quadratic Has A Maximum Value Or A Minimum Value. The Find The Value. Round To The Nearest Tenth.

    F(x)= -x² -6x - 7

    #2 Let y = | x+a | +b, Where a ‡ 0 and b ‡ 0 . Explain how the values of a and b affect the graph of the functions as compared to the graph of y= |x|.

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    QUICK!! Tell us what you did so far so we can HELP YOU! :-)
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    F has a max. i'm not sure how to do it without calculus though. i guess there's something about the coefficients of F....

    the a moves the graph along the x-axis, the b loves it up & down. how? how about you figure it out... :wink:
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    You can complete the square to find the max.
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