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2 Ps

  1. Sep 14, 2003 #1


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    if space is expanding how can the electrical properties
    stay constant?
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    Are they?
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    It is believed that the fine stucture constant is not a constant. That is, it changes over time. This is not firmly established but there are some good indications (i.e. experimental data). Why would that interest me, you wonder?
    Well the fine structure constant depends on 4 other constants:
    - e: electrical charge
    - c: speed of light
    - h: Planck's cst
    - e0: permittivity of space


    So if the fine stucture cst changes over time, one or more of these "constants" has to change. Since it is probably the permittivity of space that changes your question would be answered: they don't...
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    then i must be confused ,i thought that the 2Ps, governed
    the speed of light ,if one of them is changeing how
    can C be constant?
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    Like I said: this is not firmly established. There are also (Australian) experiments suggesting that the speed of light is not constant in time, but in fact slowly decreasing (or was it increasing). The problem is that there are no checks for these experiments yet.
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    thankyou HEUMPJE
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