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2 questions about teleportation

  1. Feb 21, 2013 #1
    1st question:
    Am I correct in thinking that civilization that mastered teleportation can also 3D-print .... well basically anything? Because it is based on the same principal? And that as result even if FTL space travel/wormholes/something is available - they will be practically no trading for resources between different solar systems, mostly just for information and technologies?

    2nd question, somewhat related to the 1st:
    As I understand teleportation - it's basically very hi-tech suicide/cloning process. Are there any argument (maybe not good, but plausible) for using teleportation on intelligent beings in everyday life, (and not when there is some big interstellar war going on, 'cause that I can explain). Pros/Cons?

    ps: sorry if I wrote something wrong, I am ESL
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    Teleport macroscopic objects with the help of quantum teleportation? I would be surprised if that is possible without very advanced 3D-printers on a molecular level.
    You could trade isotopes - 3D-printers can just use existing atoms.
    And FTL/wormhole/whatever delivery might be easier than printing in some cases. In a similar way, you can send arbitrary data via the internet - but if you want to transfer several TB, conventional mail with hard drives is quicker.

    It could be considered as regular travel method. 3D-printers so advanced that they can print life will certainly influence ethics a lot. Instead of the physical body, the state of the body and mind might become more important - and that can travel digitially to the teleportation target as well.
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    We hardly need "teleportation" in order to "3D-print". In fact, we already have fairly effective 3D printing but are no where near "teleportation".

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    Second law of thermo says that entropy must be non-decreasing, which also means that information can't be gained. This means that any fantastical 3D printer would have to destroy more information than it creates. In order to actually create a clone of someone requires detailed information on every particle that makes up the being. This is a lot of information that must be consumed by the machine, in the form of some kind of fuel. So it isn't correct that such a future civilization can live on information alone.
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    Don't know if this'll get locked for non-science, but just a point about this:
    Copywright laws...
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    This isn't an acceptable thread starter in any of our forums. Feel free to post questions regarding the real (not fictional) topic of teleportation and/or 3D printing in the relevant forums if you wish to learn more.
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