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2 questions

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    i have 2 questions:
    1. what is the difference between astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology?
    2. what did Alan Guth mean when he said, "The universe is the ultimate free lunch"?
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    If you ask me, the term astronomy refers anything to do with "heavenly objects" in general. It includes you or me looking at a fuzzy patch of a nebula through a small refractor to people publishing papers in Nature.

    Astrophysics:Understand the dynamics of stars, galaxies, inter-stellar/galactic medium. This probably includes planetary dynamics/geology, as well.

    Cosmology: Studying the structure and evolution of the (visible) universe as a whole.

    Of course, these days, the terms are more or less used synonymously. How many times have you heard Hawking being described as the "the world's foremost astrophysicists."

    I really don't know. I've managed to erase most of the stuff I have read from popular-science books, so I think you should read his book 'The Inflationary Universe'.
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    (1) Neutrino defined it well. I'll just note that astrophysics and cosmology can be considered subsets of the general topic 'astronomy' (but I agree with neutrino that 'astronomy' often refers to mapping/charting of astronomical objects whereas astrophysics gets into the more in-depth dynamics of it). And as for the 'evolution' (cosmology), that can refer to the origin, changes to, and ultimate fate of the universe.
    (2) I too don't recall the exact context in which Guth used that phrase...and I don't see 'free lunch' in the index of the book either :)...but I suspect it was along the lines of how the entire universe (thus, 'ultimate') seems to have originated from next to nothing.
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    Astronomy: The Universe in a nutshell
    Astrophysics: The comical attempt of Physicists to apply Physics to Astronomy to describe phenomenon in the universe.
    Cosmology: Like archeology, but you get to use a radio telescope and your subject is the Universe.

    Mmmm.... Free food!
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