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2 quick easy questions

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    what is CrO42- in chemistry?

    how do you combine the formula for Mg2+ and CrO42-
    please explain and show work thanks :approve:
    Well my guess would be that its... MgO4?

    ALSO: how do you combine Sr2+ and SO42-
    it would be SrSO4 right? or would it be Sr4SO and does the SO need parentheses around it?
    ah please help im confusing myself:confused:

    and sorry for messing up the last part. (fixed)
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    CrO[tex]_{4}[/tex] [tex]^{2-}[/tex] is the chromate ion. For your other question, show an attempt at figuring it out yourself and you'll be more likely to get help. Or if you're really that confused, which part do you not understand about it? I'll help you with the question, but no one here is going to just give you the answer.

    And for the last part, you gave magnesium and sulfate ions in the problem, and then when you worked it out you used the carbonate ion. I think you may have typed the wrong thing, so if you clear that up I'll be glad to help
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    It would be Sr(SO4) The ending compound must have a net charge of zero, the Sr ion has a 2+ charge and the ionic compound SO4 has a 2- charge, meaning you would need only need one of each to have a net charge of zero.
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    No need for brackets, SrSO4 will do.

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    Right sorry, the parenthesis would have only been needed if there were more than one of the SO4 ions.
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