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Homework Help: 2 Simple Pressure Problems

  1. Oct 14, 2007 #1
    I'm doing an online quiz for my course, however the system does not accept my answers for these 2 problems. Could you tell me how to solve them.

    1. If a vacuum gauge connected to a chamber gives a reading of 41 kPa where the local atmospheric pressure is given as 1.01325 bar, what is the absolute pressure in the chamber? Give your answer in Pa and correct to 4 significant figures in scientific notation eg 4.535e4 uses four significant figures but 4.5350e4 uses five.

    My answer was 1.423x10^5 Pa

    2. If the fluids contained in a container are layered from the bottom to the top as shown.
    What is the pressure at point 1 given fluid 1 has a density of 622kg/m3 and h1 is 210mm, fluid 2 has a density of 952 kg/m3 and h2 is 84mm and fluid 3 has a density of 13,637 kg/m3 and h3 is 60mm. Take g = 9.8m/s, Patm = 1.01325 bar and give your answer in kPa correct to 5 significant figures.

    My answer here was 111.40732 kPa
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