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2 sound cards

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    My son wants to record both voice and instruments on his computer. He has a mixer but it only records (on pc) one track for both. He needs two tracks.
    Would two sound cards be able to do this? This is for a new pc that I'm buying so any suggestion what I need would be a big help.
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    What about recording both seperately and then combining them later?
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    This has been tried and he thinks he could get better results with a 2 track system.
    Also he wants to pick up some accustics from the guitar as he drums on it. He plays a similar style as Justin King.
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    I'm not sure...
    but are USB sound devices better (better isolated from the computer's noise?) than sound cards?

    http://www.soundware.co.uk/pages/soundcards.php [Broken]
    has a discussion of possible "latency" issues.

    Possibly useful:
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    A good quality sound card with an an excellent software bundle is the ASUS Xonar D2. If I didn't get such a good deal on my Creative X-Fi, it would have been my next sound card.

    Lots of features... EMI shield, 7.1-channel, 118dB spec SNR, good cable bundle, digital and analog I/Os...


    In the past i've never really had a tendancy to sway towards one company, but over the past few years ASUS has been turning out some high quality equipment at fair prices. I sometimes second guess purchasing the the X-Fi over the Xonar.
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