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2 Tests will explain Small Ether drift measured by D. Miller

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    Test 3: Dual GPS one-way Lightspeed tests outside the LASOF area.

    The oscillating quantum vacuum frame will originate a difference in the (one way) light speed between two GPS satellites in space (up and down), measured parallel with the orbital propagation direction of the Earth around the sun and even parallel with other ether drift directions of the earth. ( measured e.g. by D. Miller see: http://www.orgonelab.org/miller.htm 1926 at mount Wilson, reported in: Review of modern physics 5, 203-242 (1933) called: “The Ether drift experiments and the determination of absolute motion of the earth” ). It is expected that those specific GPS locations are located more or less "outside" the Earthly LASOF ("Local A-symmetrical Oscillating Vacuum Frame": as explained before) double coned area, located on both sides of the Earth. With this experiment it is supposed to be possible to check the orbital speed of the Earth outside the Earthly LASOF reference frame and other ether drift directions of the earth .

    Explanation: GPS one-way light speed and other experiments seem to prove that there is no “one-way light speed difference” measurable in more or less perpendicular directions relative to surface of the Earth. At the same time, the quantum vacuum and the earth should have a relative motion to each other which should be measurable as a so called “Ether drift”. However, it is assumed that massive objects like the earth create their own isotropic light speed bubbles at both sides of massive objects, called LASOFs. These bubbles are supposed to have a double cone form with a common axis pointing always parallel to the orbital motion of the earth around the sun with the earth as the centre point.

    However if we assume that there is also a second ether drift perpendicular to the equatorial plane of the Sun, (also measured by D. Miller) then a second LASOF double cone should be introduced. As a result it is proposed that ether drifts can at best be measured on top of mountains in horizontal directions.

    It is suggested, that the Ether drift experiments of Dayton Miller, is an indication that the "LASOF" is acting to compensates for the "Ether drift" effects. If we accept that Dayton Miller ether drift experiments showed us the LOCAL reality, then we have to accept that there exist a measurable so called ether drift on earth, especially if we measure at the top of mountains, into horizontal directions.

    Professor H. A. Munera and M. Allais, have shown us the way to interpret Millers measurements in a more conclusive way. See: http://www.ensmp.fr/aflb/AFLB-272/aflb272p463.htm [Broken] http://allais.maurice.free.fr/English/media12-1.htm

    Test 4: Large Sagnac Interferometer "LASOF crossing" variations, in contrast with SR..

    A large Sagnac laser interferometer with enough "internal surface" or "light arm separation" designed to detect only subtle changes in the Orbit of the Earth could also be used for detecting subtle LOCAL lightspeed differences, in the up and down direction, within the individual light arm trajectories. This is an experiment which is already in action at the Canterbury Ultra-G Ring Laser Project at Canterbury University New Zealand (Christchurch, within the Cashmere Cavern, managed by professor Geoff Stedman). The Perimeter of 77 meter and the Area of 370 m2 seem to be just enough to measure the within 24 hours rotating "LASOF double cone" influences on the local lightspeed differences around the Earth. In fact this Large Sagnac Laser did already indicate some interesting anomalies, which should be connected to the local lightspeed differences originated by the LASOF. If Massive bodies drag the ether within a “double cone”, the lightspeed should be influenced exactly at the borders of that Double cone rotating with the rotation of the Earth within 24 hours over the surface of the Earth. Even the Moon should have such influences on Earth.

    The LASOF double cone main axis, is supposed to have a stable orientation parallel with the orbital trajectory of the Earth around the Sun. As a consequence, subtle lightspeed variations are supposed to be measurable on locations placed between 45 degrees North or South Latitude if the Sagnac Laser is "crossing" these LASOF cone boundaries .

    This effect is already measured by the Stedman team: see: the first Ultra-G results 1-14 January 2002 : http://www.phys.canterbury.ac.nz/research/ring_laser/UG0102.pdf [Broken] The transition of 4 into 2 fold frequency shift variations each day, exactly on the 10th of January 2002, is in line with my so called LASOF (Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame) boundary predictions, which predict lightspeed variations at small local distances.

    This is clearly in contrast with special relativity.
    A 4-fold lightspeed variation is supposed to be only possible, if the Ring Laser location (Christchurch NZ : Southern-Latitude: 43 degrees, which is 2 degrees within the maximal LASOF cone) is crossing 4 times a day one of the "LASOF Surface" boundaries, which are constantly in motion, due to the Earth’s rotation and revolution motions.

    In summer and winter times, around 21 June and 21 December this seems to be the case for the Ultra-G apparatus, with respect to the recent measurement results.
    However due to the orbital change in the rotational axis of the Earth, the number of "Location Crossings" with the LASOF boundaries will become 2 times a days, which is happening according to the measurement results at January 10. As a consequence we may expect, that during each year, the "transition" data which change the daily 4-fold variation into 2-fold frequency variation, will be on the 10th of January and the 10th of July. As a consequence, the "transition" data which change the daily 2-fold variation into 4-fold frequency variation, will be on the 1st of June and the 1st of December:.

    The Moon LASOF.

    If the Earth has a LASOF the Moon should have also one. If the moons position is exactly in “front or at the backside” of the Earth’s rotational motion around the Sun, the UG-1 Ring Laser in New Zealand, should give a clear “jump” inside the Sagnac signal for a period of several hours. This will happen First and Last quarter position of the Moon, when the moon is located within the ecliptic plane. This happened for instance on 31 august 2002. (The Stedman Team could normally be expected to publish these anomalous measurements in the near future.) However, if as Dayton Miller measured there is also an ether drift along the axis of the Solar planetary plane, then the moon influence on the Ultra Large Sagnac Laser measurements is expected to be also present at other quarter positions of the moon.
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    So, Miller's results are skeletons in the relativity closet?


    The Sagnac effect - a tool of modern physics --->
    http://www.phys.canterbury.ac.nz/research/ring_laser/ring_open.html [Broken]

    UoC ring lasers --->
    http://www.phys.canterbury.ac.nz/research/ring_laser/ [Broken]
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    I only skimmed it, but let me see if I got the point: no aether drift was found therefore there must be TWO aethers which cancel each other out? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
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    Great links. I have read some of the papers referenced and agree with most of the work on the ether. You may be interested in a one-way speed test that was carried out in 1991 by Roland DeWitte (type his name in google to find links or type wisp theory). His test clearly proves the existence of an ether wind, as does Miller's work.
    I do not support the LASOF, Earth centred inertial (ECI) frame or ether drag concepts. I believe that it is the way GPS clocks are synchronized that makes the Earth appear to be a special reference frame.
    I posted a topic in theory development a few months back called "SR and one-way light speed tests". It has some very good points concerning light speed through the ether.
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    And do you know how exactly GPS satellites are synchronized and can you explain WHY that would only cause the APPEARANCE of a constant speed of light? Or just to cover all the bases - why the APPEARANCE of a constant speed of light in all frames would not look identical to there actually BEING a constant speed of light in all frames (ie, why should we assume the laws of the universe are conspiring against us)?
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    GPS clock synchronization appears to make the Earth a special reference frame, but this is wrong.

    Consider: Two satellites A and B are placed either side of the Earth (point E) – North and South. Let the satellites be 300,000 km from E and the speed of light be c = 300,000,000 m/s (to simplify results the satellites are ten times the typical GPS distance). Let the speed of the ether flow relative to the Earth be V = 200 km/s and flowing South to North.
    According to SR light takes one second to travel from the Earth to either satellite and it takes two seconds to travel between satellites. To synchronize the clocks, a pulse of light is sent to each satellite at Earth time t=0, and satellite clocks register t=1 when they receive the light.
    But with the ether flow light takes longer to reach B than it does to reach A, and consequently clock A gets set ahead of Earth time by 0.000666223 seconds and clock B get set behind Earth time by 0.000667111 seconds. These offsets compensate for lights motion through the ether. Both satellites now agree that light takes the same time to travel between them (2.000000889 seconds) and leads to the conclusion that the speed of light is constant both ways. But we know that light travels at speeds c-V and c+V between the satellites. Similarly the time for light to travel between the Earth and the satellites appears equal, but this is not the case as the clocks are not synchronized according to Einstein's method, and the speed of light is not constant.
    At these distances the satellites positions disagree with SR by (0.000000889 * c = 266.7) m. But typical GPS satellite orbits would be over ten times less than this, resulting in a difference of about 20 m in the direction perpendicular to the ecliptic plane. GPS satellites are not checked optically to this accuracy and so their true orbital positions are not known.
    We conclude that the GPS signals that travel between the Earth and satellites cannot be used to test the speed of light in one direction and so cannot be used as proof that the speed of light is constant. One-way tests will soon prove SR wrong.
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    We've had this discussion before. Were the positions of the satellites not known to within 5m, the system would not be able to give positions on earth to within 5m - the spec for high precision gps.

    Also, your contrived example does not match with how GPS, light, and time actually work. And I'm not even talking about the aether drift part. The locations of the satellites, way the signals are sent, way time dilation is accounted for, etc.

    For example, if you were correct, there would be no time dilation - or rather time would speed up on one half of the orbit and slow down on the other. But time IS observed to dilate. Thats why the clocks have to be corrected in the first place.

    Should I bring up the MM experiment again too? Nobel prize winning physicists say that if there were an aether drift, that would have found it. Indeed, M&M were TRYING to find it - they were biased in FAVOR of finding it. Needless to say they were disappointed. In any case, do you actually believe they didn't understand their own experiment - but you do? I'm pretty sure we showed in the last thread that you lacked an understanding of why the MM experiment would show an aether drift if it existed.
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    The example above can easily be compensated for a -7uS time dilation effect and a +46uS gravitational time dilation effect (total = +39uS).
    This was left out of the example to keep things simple.
    The motion of the satellite (3.9km/s) is small compared to the ether flow of around 200km/s and so it will not alter time dilation very much.
    These results are supported by wisp theory, which explain the physical cause of time dilation, and the physical reasoning as to why the MM gives a zero result (jiggle dilation).
    Clearly etherists and SRists are on opposite sides of a very tall fence.
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    Clearly. Good luck finding the gate.
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