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2 thermoexpansion questions

  1. Sep 20, 2005 #1
    These are really parts of questions.

    for number 2, i'm getting 264000kPa, but somehow it just doesnt seem rite, so if you guys can check for me, that'll be great. the other one i dont get is the second part of questions 4 where it asks for a time difference. can anyone help me out here? thanks!
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    *bump* no one?
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    Could you post what you used for the various constants?

    Thermal expanson of Al =?
    youngs modulus of steel =?
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    thermal expansion of: Al = 2.4*10^-5, steel: 1.2*10^-5, brass: 2.0*10^-5
    young's modulus of steel = 20*10^10 (NOT 2.0*10^10)
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