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2 time dimensions

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    I am pretty sure this question must have been asked before... However I was always wondering, what would a theory be like if we allowed to have two time-dimensions (so I think a SO(2,3) symmetry). In general this would allow time-rotations / rotations of the arrow of time, so I guess the light cones could also connect casually disconnected events.
    What problems would that cause?
    I am also asking because even at the extra dim cases (although this is a little off the SR/GR topic) we choose the extra dimensions -the ones we compactify- to be spatial ones, and not time...
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    Closed timelike curves arise, for instance.
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    The wiki left me with the idea that it's a considerate theory...
    At least makes me think of that.
    However I am not trying to get into non-mainstream science talk and stuff...rather understanding what's the problems arising from it...
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