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2 Wireless Routers?

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    Is it possible for me to plug a wireless router into my current wireless router via a cat-5 cable? I would like to do this to get a stronger connection in certain parts of the house. (i have charter, if this helps) All help would be much appreciated
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    Yes, probably -- many routers can also be used as access points. You'll have to read the manuals to know for sure.
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    yes, here's a simple configuration
    Your two routers
    Router A & Router B
    connect Router A's internet port to your high speed modem
    connect port 1 from Router A to the internet port on Router B
    Setup Wireless access on both routers and you are done.

    This is not the most optimal configuration and in some cases having a network within a network may cause connectivity issues which most ISP's wont deal with because they will simply tell you unplug one router. So if you run into trouble, you're kinda on your own.

    Some routers actually have the option to work as a WiFi access point only (no DHCP) which would be preferable. You can also get a Wireless repeater which can extend the range of your wireless network.
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