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News 2 years later, and bin Laden is winning

  1. Sep 11, 2003 #1
    ...what a disappointment, the terrorists are winning the war on terror, every day.
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    Winning what? I haven't heard of him coming forward to claim his prize.
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    nor have I. How are they winning. Their leader is out there but he is nearly powerless...most of his forces destroyed. I dont see how they are winning.
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    Perhaps what is meant is the changes that have been going on since 9/11.

    For instance, it is more difficult for an honest person to fly nowadays. Homeland Security will soon be cracking down on personal freedom and privacy, probably has been.

    Also, seems one of Bin Ladens goals was to get attention. For himself, AL Queada and Islam in general. Following the attacks, you'll notice several schools picked up an Islamic class.

    And not to mention that terror acts around the world seem to be increasing each day.

    We're speanding countless dollars to capture the terrorist ring leaders, when almost certainly there will be plenty of replacements should they be needed. Instead of eliminating the source of the problems (paving over the holy land) we are merely attacking the effects. Kinda like chasing our tails.
  6. Sep 12, 2003 #5
    The biggest decline in terrorism is in...South America? America has started a campaign to attack the Middle East, with Iran and Syria next on the list? Iraqis are worse off than they were a year ago, and subject to the same terror as they were under Saddam Hussien? America is feared and hated around the world? America is going into debt while freedom is threatened by the Bush Administration?

    Yep, sounds like more than what the terrorists could ever have hoped for.:frown:
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    Greetings !

    I agree it's quite strange, to say the least, that Bin
    Laden is still at large. I mean, you'd think that once
    the US is really after someone with it's huge resources and
    immensly advanced capabilities on all fronts they'd get'im
    in two years.

    As for the part about learning Islam to "understand" it, it's
    TOTAL BS and it can only cause more damage. There is
    nothing to understand about Islam for a normal person, there
    are just ways to fight it.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Next post like this, and I'm contacting Greg to see about banning you. Good luck.
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    Well, let's see. He's destroyed the WTC. That's pretty significant. He's got a large percentage of the american population living in fear. The whole world is turning against us, although that's more Bush's ineptitude, than bin Laden's accomplishment. He's tricked us into attack Iraq and desposing Saddam, one of his mortal enemies, thereby greatly tieing up american military resources that could have been used elsewhere. Although again, that's mostly Bush's ineptitude. He's gained thousands to millions of new supporters, now that we've screwed up. He probably is as happy as a clam?

    What have we got? Our constitution has been raped. We've got history's biggest deficit. World opinion was solidly with us two years ago, that's gone. Oh, and now Tommy Chong is in prison.

    God Bless, America.
  11. Sep 12, 2003 #10
    Ironic, isn't it, that Bush is the biggest tool of the terrorists?
  12. Sep 12, 2003 #11
    I wouldn't really say ironic. 9-11 was the best thing George Bush has going for him.
  13. Sep 12, 2003 #12
    "Best" or "only"?
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    What? Tommy Chong is in jail? What for?
  15. Sep 12, 2003 #14
    For helping terrorists. Tommy Chong is co-owner, and is front man for a company which sold bongs over the internet. So Ashkroft and the SS are hauling him off the a concent... uh... federal prison for nine months.

    First they came for the jews, and I said nothing...
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    What in the world does selling bongs have to do with helping terrorists? Was the money being used to help fund terrorist activitys? If yes, then I can understand him being in jail.

    You are of course talking about tommy chong of cheech and chong fame correct?

    I could see bong saling as helpful to terrorism as gasoline.
  17. Sep 12, 2003 #16
    speaking of free speech...
  18. Sep 12, 2003 #17


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    That concept does not apply to an internet bulletin board.

    Zero, if drag had been talking about Branch Davidians instead of Muslims, would you have responded the same way? Why is it ok to condemn one religion and not another? What makes one a viable religion and another a cult? Is it simply the number of people who practice it?

    I sincerely tried to keep an open mind about Islam. I used to believe that it couldn't possibly be bad - it just must be perverted by a few extremists. You may even be able to go back through my posts in the forum and see where I started to read the Koran and change my opinion. The Koran is a violent, mysoginistic, hateful, racist writing. What we call "extremists" are not extremists, they are the norm. The majority.

    I believe that Islam has caught on so well in the middle east because they are destitude. Fat rich people don't complain, don't get bitter, and don't hate. When you are poor and hungry you are willing to latch on to a scapegoat. Hitler did it and it worked quite well.

    I do not take this opinion lightly - I have thought through its implications as I believe drag has. Neither of us are the reactionary type. If you want to censure it because its unpopular, thats your perogative. Maybe thats easier than considering its validity.
  19. Sep 13, 2003 #18
    The 9-11 terrorist were muslim, there are muslims in afghanistan. Opium come from Afghanistan. Opium is a drug. Marijuana is a drug. Drug users use bongs to smoke marijuana. Tommy Chong sells bongs.

    Ergo- Tommy Chong supports terrorists and hates america.

    John Ashkroft told me.
  20. Sep 13, 2003 #19
    The Branch Davidians killed cops and raped little girls. All of them, right there complicitly. They could have surrendered, and they would have gotten a trial with full due process. Nobody hates them because of their cultism, but because they kill cops and rape little girls.

    Islam, on the other hand has hundreds of millions of worshippers here in america and abroad. 99.99 percent of them have never done anything wrong to anybody.

    Furthermore, the Koran is no more racist, violent, misogynistic, or racist than the Bible. And christianity has sparked just as much murder and terrorism as Islam, Northern Ireland and the KKK are just two example. Really, there's very little difference between the religions, or there followers.

    Also, the Middle East is hardly destitute. The countries that we haven't sanctioned and bombed into submission are so rich that they have to import blue collar workers. Osama bin Laden has millions.

    So, it seems, you've just biased yourself against hundreds of millions of human beings based on the action of nineteen. You say you've studied the Koran, criticize it while ignoring the teaching and actions of religions, shall we say, closer to home.

    No, Russ. I don't think you've come to this decision lightly. More likely it comes from deep-seated, possibly childhood, fear, hate, and ignorant bigotry towards people different than yourself.
  21. Sep 13, 2003 #20


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    Greetings !

    I feel that perhaps some of you did not understand
    what I mean to say (for example Zero told me I threaten
    violence against 1/5 of humanity). The fact that some
    people actually see my words like that, in my opinion,
    is already a partial indication of how people's minds
    can get twisted today. In no way do I support violence
    against people of any religion or belief. The only people
    I support violence against (and preferably the effective type)
    are those who act on those beliefs and try to.

    To speak of violence is to make us the same as them.
    It means that we hate the people and want them dead
    because of that. THAT IS WRONG ! Hate is wrong and
    killing is wrong !

    The type of struggle that I'm talking about is an
    ideological struggle. A struggle between the ideals
    and morals formed in the western world and solidified in the
    past half a century and those formed in the Islamic world
    mainly in the past half a century. Instead of "values" of hate,
    murder of the infidels and laying blame for your own
    low level of life on others, "values" dictated by the
    religous laws of the sharia, "values" that do not support
    the tiniest level of equality between males and females,
    "values" that preach for a total Islamic world and "values"
    that view technological and scientific progress as unwanted:
    Instead of these values these people must be educated according
    to the modern values of freedom, equality, progress and respect.
    Inclusion not seclusion is the way of free societies.

    The Soviets or the Chineese or the Cubans did not engage in
    senseless murder or hate towards other peoples even if they
    did use force to rule. They shared some of these values and
    they respected and accepted the other sides as human beings
    living on the same planet, though having completely different approaches as to how to achieve the modern utopia.

    But these people are not taught these things, they are taught
    to hate the people not just their ideas. They are taught
    blind obidience to their faith - the "will" of which
    originates from their leaders - wheather religious or

    It is easy to believe in certain idealised perspectives
    when you're born and live in the western world. But it
    is surprising how simple it is - through lifelong education
    and ideology preachings to have a totally different world view.
    The kind of view that the Nazis educated their youngsters to
    in just a decade, due to which they were not bothered with
    the intentional mass murder of helpless people that did
    not "belong" to their "race".

    It is this flow of poison that we must stop through different -
    western ideology, through financial and political pressure and manipulation against these regimes and presecution of
    religious leaders/educators and preachers and finally through
    the occasional - as limmited as possible, international
    military action in specific cases against specific people
    who pose a real and present danger.

    The war on the infiltration of western ideals into Muslim
    countries had begun there a long time ago, fueled by the
    cold war machinations of the USSR, US and Europe.
    It is time to start a serious counter attack - a counter
    attack of the ideals we believe in and follow and live
    according to, ideals that work to advance humanity
    rather than plunge it back into the dark ages.

    Peace and long life.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2003
  22. Sep 13, 2003 #21
    Hello Drag,
    I don't believe that it's a matter of people's minds getting twisted as much as simply taking your words at face value;
    If you did not mean violence perhaps you shouldn’t have chose to use the word “fight”, or at least have expounded on what you meant by that word. You didn’t speak of fanatical, fundamentalist, foaming at the mouth, factions, instead you painted, with a very broad stroke, all of Islam as needing to be fought. I find that especially curious after your comments in another thread Re;
    Every religion that ever came out of the middle east has been a cancer on society.
    You posted that;
    I think it is fair to say you are oversimplifying when you speak of Islam not needing to be understood, but only needing to be fought.
    Now, back to the threatening violence thing, looking at what you posted in another thread…;
    …I think that the “Asta la Vista, baby!” sounds like a reference to the Terminator, which would justifiably be interpreted as a call to kill what in this case you termed “modern Islam”.

    I’m glad to hear you say this.
  23. Sep 13, 2003 #22
    And what are these intentions of the majority of muslims? Hmm? Invade our countries, kill our leaders and preachers, convert us to their religion?

    Isn't that what you just advocated doing to them?

    Sounds like you've got a serious case of "Holier than thou" mixed in with and healthy dose of Us vs. Them.

    And if you switch US vs. Them, basically you're saying the exact same thing that Osama bin Laden says.
  24. Sep 14, 2003 #23
    Two things: if he had said 'Militant Muslim extremists', I wouldn't have said a word, because that is an accurate description. If he had said 'Christians' or 'Jews' I would have jumped on him just as hard. I wouldn't tolerate, for instance, someone saying that all Catholics are child molesters because some priests are. See my reasoning?
    And, of course, if you look back at the Old Testament, you see plenty of violent mysoginistic, genocidal ideas too. No religion is immune to that criticism, to my knowledge.
  25. Sep 14, 2003 #24
    And, I think we can seriously try to limit comments like this as well.
  26. Sep 14, 2003 #25
    I humbly, and respectfully disagree. If one makes a bigoted comment, it's within everybody's best interest to point out that said comments are indeed bigotted, thoughtless, and morally bankrupt. Often bigots are such without realizing it, and IMHO, this should be pointed out both for the sake of the person who said it, and any number of people who could be offended by it. Of course, we shouldn't resort to personal attacks. Needless to say, everybody should be highly offended by racist, sexist, homophobic etc. remarks, but by resorting to childish name calling only ostracizes the bigot. And is, of course, against forums rules.
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