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20 best paying jobs in the US

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    http://editorial.careers.msn.com/articles/highestpay/ [Broken]

    doctors, doctors, doctors..

    1. Surgeons

    2. Obstetricians and gynecologists

    3. Anesthesiologists

    4. Internists, general

    5. Pediatricians, general

    6. Psychiatrists

    7. Family and general practitioners

    8. Dentists

    9. Chief Executives

    10. Airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers

    11. Podiatrists

    12. Lawyers

    13. Optometrists

    14. Computer and information systems managers

    15. Physicists

    16. Air traffic controllers

    17. Petroleum Engineers

    18. Nuclear Engineers

    19. Judges, magistrate judges, and magistrates

    20. Marketing Managers
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    Number 9 is very vauge..

    I'm glad to see we made the top 20. I wonder if theres a similar list for the UK..

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    Worst poaid jobs in the UK, per annum:

    Waitress £9,048

    Women kitchen porters £9,545

    Women Bar staff £9,763

    Shelf-fillers £10,105

    Women launderers £10,195

    Source: T & G

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    ? why do women make less money ?
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    From Forbes:

    America's Worst-Paying Jobs*
    Code (Text):

    [u]Occupation        Total Employment  Median Annual Earnings[/u]
    Fast-Food Cooks   522,000           $13,590  
    Cafeteria Workers 431,000           $13,580  
    Fast-Food Servers 2,206,000         $13,550  
    Waiters           1,983,000         $13,350  
    Casino Dealer     88,000            $13,330  
    *All data for calendar-year 2000. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
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    Wow, casino dealers?

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    not to rub it in even more, but I would tend to think the surgeon average is above the 200K mark.

    CIS MGR - with a 4 year degree, ranked right below a lawyer with 8 years of school. But those probably aren't recent stats, I'm sure IT stats have dropped drastically.

    shocker on the casino dealer. I thought they made a lot of money.
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    I bet the surgeon (and other doctors) are as low as they are because they already factored in business expenses. Doctors, and to a lesser extent, lawyers, pay malpractice insurance. The other jobs on that list do not.

    What suprises me is how little they have lawyers making. I only know 4 lawyers well enough to have an idea of what they make, and all make well over 100K, only one makes less than 150k, and one makes ungodly money.

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    Apparently not all lawyers make a lot of money, since all are averages :) I don't know how they factored in starting salary and 30-year practice salaries..

    100k.. I wonder which percentage goes to IRS?

    I know in the Netherlands people making, say, 20k pay far less tax then people who make 80k, equaling social classes. I have a very strong inclination to think that things work the other way around in the US. People making a lot of money are fiscally in a better position.
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    Doctors vary on that aspect. If they are working for a hospital, the insurance will often be taken care of for them. If they are in private practice, insurance can run up to 100K/year.

    And on a side note, most people tend to forget that the average doctor carries about 150-200K in outstanding loan debt out of medical school. Personally I don't think it's out of proportion to what they do
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    I am planning on being a philosopher. I am not surprised not to see that up there... I know I am going to be poor. :frown:
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    I remember a comedy sketch advertising "The AIRCo Technical Institute of Philosophy"

    "Yes, you too can earn as much as some poets!"

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    are.. you.. serious.. gee :) I am paying $3000 for a two year master, I have heard about two day courses in the US that carry the same price tag

    Why doesn't US government pay for education??
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    Hey! Not only did the US government pay for my last two years as an undergrad, they paid all my grad school tuition, AND paid me a salary while in grad school!

    Obviously this is the height of altruism.

    I'm sure my agreement to work as a physicist for the army for five years at low pay had nothing at all to do with it. :wink:

  17. Oct 29, 2003 #16
    Why do YOU think this is true?
  18. Oct 29, 2003 #17


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    Because of Jono's post..
  19. Oct 30, 2003 #18
    you're trying to understand british society?
  20. Oct 30, 2003 #19
    you can apply for grants/scholarships, but unless you're going to Harvard or Johns Hopkins, there's inevitably always a shortfall.
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    Here (probably most of Europe) government automatically pays for 4 years of higher education, the amount you actually get depends on the economic status of your parents. The less they earn the more you get. Ofcourse the taxes we pay in the Netherlands are no doubt higher than in the US.. but guess what: the people who earn the most money have to pay a much higher percentage tax.. thus everyone is equal.

    In US it seems to be the other way around: the more successfull the kid/family, the more chances it has to get financial support.
  22. Oct 31, 2003 #21
    how is everyone equal by paying a bigger percentage of their income. this is ilogical. you mean you work your ass off to get through a lot of years of school and working my brain until it crashes to earn more than the construction worker who quit in grade school and the government imposes me a bigger percentage? This is communist stuff. Do you have a communist government in the Netherlands? I really was planing on coming in Amsterdam for a couple of years. Should I reconsider?
  23. Oct 31, 2003 #22
    It only SEEMS that the richer people pay less taxes. While this may be true in practice, it's not by design. Richer people can afford very expensive accountants who can find legal loopholes. they're just working the system. In practice, the percentage of income tax goes UP not down, the higher the pay.
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    Haha, please come! I think it is actually good to flatten a society like that, it makes sense right? Someone who makes 15k per year will have harder time coming up with 30% tax than someone who makes 115k. We are a democratic country and I think that everyone would agree that the filthy rich have a few extra dimes to spare. There are enought millionairs in the Netherlands though! 3000 in Amsterdam alone, which is a quite low percentage if you look at other cities.

    I don't think the rich people are affected at all by this, it is just that you can live a very comfortable life with little education, you won't end up in a trailer park so to say. Americans have incredible zeal and I admire that.
  25. Oct 31, 2003 #24
    I will if the University will have me.

    I can understand the concept of helping the poor survive, but I don't understand why hit the rich across the head with a hammer. I'm not exactly talking about those who inherit their wealth, but of those with 100k/year. Those are usually professors, lawyers and doctors. Don't you think these guys deserve their money? When you think up a finnancial system you should settle on a percentage and that's it. Anyway the guys with a bigger income will pay more. It's a percentage. And those who cannot afford it get help from the government. That's why you don't set that percentage at the lower limit.

    Now that I met and started to know a number of 20 americans like you advised me, it seems like you started to interact with people from my government back home! What's going on with you? Turn back to the light!!
    If you know that there are holes in your system you make the taxes bigger so you can pay more on welfare, or what? That's like hiding the garbage under the carpet. It stinks and it shows.
  26. Oct 31, 2003 #25
    Que est-ce que c'est? Je n'ai pas vraiment d'argent. I wish I were rich enough to take advantage of these tax loops. The US turns hiding garbage into an artform.
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