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2005 APS Job Fairs

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    I just got this in my e-mail and thought I'd pass it along for those who are interested.

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    Take note that this "job fair" goes on at EVERY APS March and April Meetings, not just this year. I would also strongly suggest that you attend the meetings in person and not just submit your resume. Most who are looking to hire would prefer that you are there in person so that they can interview you there, and that you are also giving an oral presentation at one of the sessions so that they can evaluate your ability to communicate your work. This automatically means that (i) you have to be an APS member (or affiliate member) (ii) that you are registered to attend that meeting.

    ... but then again, if you are already an APS member, you would have received the e-mail distribution in the first place.

    Job fairs such as this often occur at most large physics conferences. So that's one more incentive to try to attend some of those.

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    Just want to add that it's not too late to do either (even for the March Meeting).

    For students, the APS membership fee is $27 and the registration fee is $80. While the early registration deadline has passed, I think late registration involves only another $10 or so (for student members), and this can be done even at location.
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