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Suggestion 2009 Albie awards?

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    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences calls its awards by the snappy name of Oscars, with a memorable statuette.

    There's also the Emmies, and so on.

    I suggest in future PF should chose a similar name and icon …

    and what better than the Albie, with his characteristic pose?

    For example:

    2009 Albie :tongue2: award

    Physics guru​

    Legal note: A google search shows up lots of porcelain collectable dolls made by Mrs Albie Award,
    but no actual Albie award apart from one awarded
    by 4th-grade teacher http://mcs.k12.ny.us/pages/jalbert/" of Madison Elementary School Massena New York
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    link to 2008 awards forum?

    btw … change of subject …

    was there a forum link to the 2008 awards forum?

    if not, that very considerably restricts the franchise

    the only link i can find is in the "latest comments" near the bottom of the pf library main page
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    There was a link tt. It was above the GD forum. Now the polls have closed Greg has removed it.
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    ah … mystery solved! :biggrin:
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