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200g copper calorimeter

  1. Jun 1, 2005 #1
    hi guys

    200g copper calorimeter, 200g of water, both intially at 30 degrees. Aluminium rod added to the system, with mass of 250g, final temp is 100 degrees. 10g of water is converted to steam.

    first its asking to calulate how much energy is reuiqred to vaporize those 10g to steam

    then it asks the find the initial temp of the rod
    For this i had:

    (0.2 x 387 x 70) + (0.2 x 4186 x 70) = 0.25 x 900 x (T initial - 100)

    i tried getting the initial temperature, but it didnt come out, i think i have to include the 10g vaporization of water?

    Also, an electric heater has a radiant output of 500W at 150 degrees, so whats the radiant output at 200 degrees?
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