Praise 2010 PF Award Ceremony!

  1. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    In honor of the 2010 PF Member Awards, I am proud to present these badge awards to the following members:





    Andy Resnick




    Char. Limit

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  3. :smile: CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!! :smile:
    :smile: All the nominees too!! :smile:
  4. Dembadon

    Dembadon 666
    Gold Member

    Congratulations! :approve:

    Lisab's award has '09 on it.
  5. Congratulations! :!!)
  6. berkeman

    Staff: Mentor

    Awesome group! Congrats to all the nominees as well. You all help to make the PF a great place. :biggrin:
  7. berkeman

    Staff: Mentor

    (BTW, if anybody sees some "2009" awards in the OP images, just refresh your screen. You may be seeing cached versions of the awards.)
  8. turbo

    turbo 7,063
    Gold Member

    Congrats, all!
  9. Borek

    Staff: Mentor

    Congratulations All!
  10. PhanthomJay

    PhanthomJay 6,296
    Science Advisor
    Homework Helper
    Gold Member

    Well deserved, congratulations!
  11. Andy Resnick

    Andy Resnick 6,085
    Science Advisor
    Education Advisor

    Thank you to whomever nominated and voted for me- I am very humbled by the recognition.
  12. Mark44

    Staff: Mentor

    I am honored and humbled to have received this recognition.
  13. lisab

    Staff: Mentor

    Thanks everyone. It's such a delight to be part of this community.
  14. Lisab, you are so deserving of recognition. So happy for you. Congratulations! :!!)
  15. lisab

    Staff: Mentor

    Ahahah, I slipped through while you weren't looking :wink:!
  16. Gokul43201

    Gokul43201 11,046
    Staff Emeritus
    Science Advisor
    Gold Member

    You've even got the right avatar for this! That is a picture of the community spirit, isn't it?
  17. lisab

    Staff: Mentor

    Actually it's a forest nymph :smile:.
  18. marcus

    marcus 24,055
    Science Advisor
    Gold Member
    2014 Award

    Just want to express pleasure with the PF community collectively. The group is fun to hang out with and remarkably constructive--educationally and in other ways. Also appreciation to the rest of astro/cosmo slate for generously sharing your expertise and taking care of business. I'm always learning new stuff from you and many others must be as well.
  19. D H

    Staff: Mentor

    Congrats and thanks to all of you, and to all the nominees as well. Job well done.
  20. Danger

    Danger 9,663
    Gold Member

    Thank you to all who are responsible for this.
    The only trouble is that now I'm obliged to try being funny even when I don't feel like it. It's not always easy, but I'll give it a shot. :wink:

    Congratulations to all other competitors in all categories. This really is a special place, populated by special people. Everyone who was nominated, and several who weren't, are deserving of recognition.
    And, of course, huge thanks to Greg for starting the whole thing.
  21. Char. Limit

    Char. Limit 1,937
    Gold Member

    Thank you to all who voted for me! It's an honor to be known as the best person to come here within the last year, especially when there have been so many to come here and make their presence known.
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