2011 in review

  1. Ivan Seeking

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    It has been a year for the history books. What were the major events of 2011?

    I put the Arab Spring, Libya, leaving Iraq, and getting Bin Laden, right at the top of the list.
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  3. Evo

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    Kim Jong Il died.
  4. russ_watters

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    Steve Jobs died.
  5. Dennis Ritchie died.
  6. apeiron

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    Japan Tsunami...population topping 7 billion...European sovereign debt crisis...COP 17 failure...it keeps going...
  7. Castro officially relinquished power.
  8. fukushima, worst tornado disaster in alabama in my lifetime

  9. What?!?! Nothing about Kim Kardashian???
  10. cristo

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    Unfortunately nothing too positive on the list. Here's to a better 2012!
  11. Borek

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    Come on, it can't be that people only died. I am sure someone important was born.
  12. turbo

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    The last of the US Space Shuttles was retired.
  13. Yes, President Sally Patterson was born. So was Nobel Prize winner, Kenjiro Kamimoto. Most important, though, Dr. Mayim Turelei, who will unify all Africa into one country and drive the white man out of the continent, was born this year in the South Sudan capitol of Juba.
  14. 2011 was neither the year of the linux desktop nor dictators.
  15. AlephZero

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    It was a pretty average year. Worse than 2010, but better than 2012.
  16. It's a bit early to be looking back on 2011, but this year is a special case, being the last full year. Indeed, today starts the countdown to the end of the world. And this time I really mean it. January got off to a good start beating out February by over four weeks. Then February failed to reach 29 days for the third year in a row. May's end of the world did not live up to its promise except in a spiritual sense, and October's was a total wash out leaving us with over 7 billion refugees. It was a year of continued recession and gridlock in Congress as the two parties had differing visions of which method that hasn't worked in the past should be tried again in the future hoping for a different outcome. On a personal level it was a good year, better than 2010 and worse than 2012 to recoin a phrase. All of us can say, like the optimist who just fell down a flight of stairs, I'm glad that's over.
  17. Here's a great video:


  18. The video failed to mention the death of Wangari Maathai. Do read her bio.
  19. Borek

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    Add Vaclav Havel to the list.

    There were several important deaths in Poland as well, but you probably never heard these names, so I will spare you the obituary column.
  20. The speedy neutrinos!
  21. Evo

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    Oh, that's right, the world didn't end...again.

    I can't wait for the 2012 daily armageddon updates. Mexico has even set up fake Mayan tourist attractions with fake Mayan priests performing fake Mayan rituals. :rolleyes: :surprised :uhh:
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