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2012 myth

  1. Nov 17, 2009 #1

    Ranger Mike

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    Hi all..I watched a TV documentary last night on 2012. One guy warned that the Sun caused a huge solar discharge that would hit the Earth and strip away the magnetic field AND cause the earth's core to reverse polarity AND caused reverse rotation...did any one else see this? This guy, Hoglan was his name I think, used an old watch that had a tuning fork to actuate the second hand, to look for anomalies in the earth's core...
    I will give him an A plus for imagination on maximum destruction but ...from a logical stand point...
    stripping way the magnetic field?
    reversing the earth core??
    reverse rotation??

    maybe my brain finally went bad by too much Coors beer but ...no way!!
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  3. Nov 17, 2009 #2

    D H

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    It was Richard C. Hoagland, a nutcase, a fraud, a liar, and someone with no scientific training.

    *All* of the 2012 nonsense you here/read/see is just that -- nonsense.
  4. Nov 17, 2009 #3

    Ranger Mike

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    yes I thought so...maybe I can hook up my Timex to a volt ohm meter and get my own documentary?
    However..I suspect that there are people who see the show and will dig out the Y2K generator and old survival shelter...
  5. Nov 17, 2009 #4
    Well, scientists do believe that the magnetic field can flip.

    And I don't find it impossible that a lot of neutrinos cause a completely new reaction, considering the fact that SUSY theorists are believing there are at least a many particles that haven't been discovered as the ones that we know.

    I didn't like the film for other reasons.
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