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2015 Nobel Prize Predictions

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    Next week (Oct 5-12), the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will announce the annual winners of science's most prestigious award, the Nobel Prize. In this thread, let's throw out some guesses as to who might win.

    Here are Thomson-Reuter's annual predictions.

    My predictions:
    Physiology and Medicine: C. David Allis, Howard Cedar, and Ahron Rhazin for their contributions to understanding of the roles of DNA methylation and histone modifications to the regulation of gene expression.

    Chemistry: Victor Ambros, David Baulcombe, and Gary Ruvkun for their discovery of micro RNAs.

    Physics: John Pendry, Sheldon Schultz, and David Smith for the prediction and discovery of negative refraction meta-materials.

    Who do you think will win/deserves to win the Nobel Prize this year?

    More predictions from around the internet:
    http://blog.chembark.com/2014/10/08/predictions-for-the-2014-nobel-prize-in-chemistry/ (2014)
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    I've learned that predicting what committees will do is probabilistic at best.
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