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Stargazing 2017 eclipse photos

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    Have you seen this guys pictures yet?

    Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss

    Exposure: Composite of 2 frames:
    2nd Contact Baily's Beads - 1/4000th second
    3rd Contact Chromosphere and Prominences - 1/8000th second

    Exposure: High-Dynamic-Range Composite of 36 frames at 14 different exposures
    [Yup. That's Regulus off to the upper left.
    He was about 10 miles to my west during the eclipse]


    Still no word/images from Miloslav Druckmuller.
    This is one of my greatest regrets about the eclipse.
    I drove through Mitchell, and there were no parking spots within 1/2 mile of downtown.
    I was worried, that if I parked, someone would steal everything from the back of my pickup truck.
    About 4 hours later, on the drive home, I realized that, although the bed was full, the total value of everything was about $15.

    The last time all of my camping gear was stolen, about 30 years ago, I upgraded, and was really happy about that.
    And yes, my camping gear is now all 30 years old.
    Should have parked.
    Sackafrassin' beejimaheezits!
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    Amazing, thank you all for sharing the photos!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Andy Resnick

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    I've seen these and have been studying them closely to be prepared for 2024... :)
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    Amazing photos, thanks everyone!
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    As I suspected, he has the most stunning image I've seen so far.

    Corona from [Mitchell] Oregon , about 7 miles from where I was.
    Composition of 161 eclipse images taken with two cameras.

    No wonder it took him a month!

    The following had me quite confused up until now.
    I knew his team was going to be in two locations, and the other one was to be Whisky mountain.
    There is a "Whiskey Mountain" about 50 miles from Mitchell, but it was outside of totality.
    His Whiskey Mountain is in Wyoming, 520 miles away, and was dead centerline of the eclipse.

    Corona from Whiskey mountain
    Coordinate N 43° 25.234', W 109° 37.883', Alt. 3165 m
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