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Programs 2019 REU/Summer Program Acceptance Thread

Any updates on MSRP? I know it's still early, but it's been radio silence from them, and I haven't read about any acceptances so far this year.
I haven't heard anything from MIT yet. It is indeed "mid-March" now, so...results could be released at any second. (How wonderful.)
Nothing yet LOL! Looking like it's next week for them and UChicago
Someone on the College Confidential forum said they got an acceptance to MSRP, so it sounds like they're slowly rolling out acceptances! Personally, haven't heard anything, and their phone line says they're not taking calls at the moment.
Have anyone heard anything from Lehigh? I emailed them a week ago asking my application status and they told me they were still reviewing applications. It has been one week and now is nearly April. Does it mean I'm probably rejected?

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No news should not be taken as bad news. Some application deadlines were extended with minimal public notice, and the selection and notification processes are still ongoing for many REU opportunities. Sit tight.

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