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21 Concepts Of Black Hole

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  1. Feb 23, 2004 #1
    Two Big Bangs or Theory of Parent Universe (TOPU) By Dr. Raj Baldev as given in his book titled “Two Big Bangs created the Universe” (Formed in Eternal Space) looks to have picked up its initial momentum, it is already in debate in different physics forums and at various other levels of discussion.

    Even some educationists and scientists apprehend that this theory may even claim the highest global honor one day. Whether it may reach the status of the noble or not, I cant say definitely because I have no authority to say so, but one thing is certain that if you read the whole theory of Dr. Raj Baldev seriously, it may throb your nerves as it made me excited and I with a scientific background felt myself a different person with new thoughts, which I found to be absolutely original and scientifically logical.

    I am glad to confess that I was really thrilled to find every bit of his explanation. His expression is extraordinarily superb as enlightened in the theory of Two Big Bang Theory or the Theory of Parent Universe (TOPU), and moreover, it is crystal clear how our Universe and we are born. Most of Dr. Baldevs points look to be very well argued. Though this is his complete reconstruction of the Big Bang, there are also many points in common except new mysteries and varieties of Black Holes on which he looks to have made another comprehensive research. Though I have compared the theory of Black Holes as put forward by Stephen Hawking, the details given by Dr. Raj Baldev are not only exhaustive but revealed many new classes of Black Holes and revealed their mysteries and varieties in straight language understandable by a person having basic knowledge of cosmology.

    I feel I am privileged to be a member of the SAROUL team (Scientific Advance Research of Universe & Life) of which he is the head which enabled me to learn various new concepts of cosmology and I am confident that I would be able to justify to project his thoughts better for the enlightenment of the readers with my scientific background than any other interviewers, who are not specialized in this subject. To Know More go to the link....http://www.internationalreporter.com/scripts/headDetails.asp?id=102
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