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22 and going into engineering?

  1. Aug 1, 2014 #1

    I am working on my prerequisites to an engineering program right now, would this be impractical to go back to school at this age?

    So, is this a good or a bad move?

    What should I have in mind if I do this?

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    22 is not old. What are your fears? Have you forgotten math and science you learned in your past? In any case, if you are passionate and ready to put in the time required to study (40 hours a week for a full time student) you have nothing to worry about.

    Is this a good move? Answer this for yourself with the following question: Do I love engineering? If unsure, ask: Do I love practicing the skills common to successful engineers?
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    If you don't go back to school now, what are your alternatives insofar as getting a good job?
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    lol....that's funny!!! 22 years old is just a baby!!!

    I went back when I was 30 years old....thank God I did or I would still be doing that awful construction, building decks, barns, digging holes, heavy lumber, breaking my back. I am now a succesful electrical engineer in industry.

    You are never to old to go back to school, especially at 22. Don't do it now and I gurantee you will regret it the rest of your life.

    People that actually go to college from age 18 to 22 are rare cases. Only the few are mature enough at that age to do it.
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