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240v line voltage measurement

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    why am I only getting 16v between both line phases coming into my service from the meter on a 240v single phase panel for a home
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    What are you using to measure this?
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    am using a flute volt,amp,digital meter
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    Give us a bit more info:

    You are looking at this because you have lost power in your house or because you are just curious?

    You are seeing normal voltage between lines and neutral, just not between line-line?

    If you have lost power, how much have you lost:
    About half of outlets?
    Just 250V appliance (central air)?
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    Just 240 v equipment water heater ac unit all 120 v equipment and devices work
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    Sorry if I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs but are you certain that you have V AC selected?
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    If all devices work properly, you are getting line to line of 240 and line to neutral 120.

    Either you meter is broken or you do not have it set to VAC.....or perhaps you have it on the wrong scale!!!
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    He said his 240 volt appliances are NOT working. He has lost one side and most likely the reason the 120 volt appliances all work is because they are being fed THROUGH the 240 volt appliances. My recommendation is to turn off ALL 240 volt appliances and he will find a bunch of 120 volt things that no longer work.
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