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24v to 12v Interior Led Light

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    I have a ceiling fan that has a 24v output. It came with a led circuit board to light, however the light is very dim. I purchased a 12v led circuit board to increase the lighting. Now I know that the light is 24v and the new led board is 12v but it was a direct plug in so I thought I would try it out. When I plugged it in, the led lights up, however it strobes. It does not do this when hooked up to a 12v source, it remains lit constantly. Is there anything I could do to stop the strobe and keep it constantly lit? or is there a simple solution to get the voltage down to 12v without taking up alot of space. Keep in mind that there is a glass cover that needs to go over the light, so I can’t take up too much space. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I think we need to know more about the problem before you can get a useful answer.
    What do these two circuit boards have on them? It strikes me that the 12V board is for operating with a DC supply but the 24V board can use AC. Are there additional components on the 24V board?
    Are the LEDs for indication or illumination?
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    How many times/sec does it strobe? Approximately will do.
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