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Homework Help: 2D and 3D Relative Velocity

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    Hello I am new to this forum and I am desperate, I cannot figure this out, my professor gives us four assignments a year, on subjects that she will not lecture on at all and we have to read and find out on our own and right a report on it and then do four problems she chooses, well in theory I understand completely, but when I get to the 2d and 3d I really get confused and cant solve the problems, really frustrating not having any notes to look over. Here is the problem I am getting stuck on.

    An airplane Pilot sets a compass course due west and maintains an airspeed of 220km/h. After flying for .500 hours, the pilot finds the plane over a town 120km west and 20km south of the planes starting point. A) Find the wind velocity(magnatude and direction). B) If the wind velocity is 40km/h due south, in what direction should the pilot set the course to travel due west? Use the same airspeed of 220km/h

    please help. Thanks
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    I have tried the pythagorean theorum to try to solve for the magnatude of the wind, and the direction and I get a plausable answer but it never is the same as in the back of the book. I know that it probably isnt a right triangle. but I still cant figure this problem out after overloading my brain for almost 8 hours. The only equations my book gives is this one:
    Velocity P/A= Velocity A/B+ Velocity P/B and that really doesnt help. either this book sucks or I am not getting it.
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