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2d motion problem

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    Ok, in this problem a ball with velocity 10m/s flys off the horizontal edge of a canyon, the equation for the canyon is y^2=16x and it wants you to find the x,y cordinates where the ball hits it. I turned the balls motion into a a function of x for y and then set that equal to y=Sqrt(16x) but I can't solve it. It is an easy problem the book says but I can't do the math, or perhaps its my method, to figure it out. Thanks alot for any help.
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    If you solve y^2=16x for y, you get y=4*Sqrt[x] and y=-4*Sqrt[x].

    Plot the two curves and decide for yourself which one looks like a canyon. I think you should be able to solve it then.
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    Thanks, im really dumb and was doing my equations wrong :)
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