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2d to 3d plane projection

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    so this is actually for a program i'm writing, but it's definitely more of a math question than a programming question. basically, i have an object that gets detected by a webcam attached to a computer. the object is just a piece of paper with a pattern on it, so it is, for the purpose of the program, a 2D plane. from the webcam i am able to obtain 2d coordinates of the four corners of the pattern. also, i know the 3d dimensions of the plane (length, width, etc).

    the goal is to somehow get 3d coordinates, which i will use to find the orientation of the pattern, from that information. i spent hours searching the web, but haven't really found anything helpful (there was a lot of info on 3d to 2d projections, which is the opposite of what i want). does anyone know of any way of going about this? is there any necessary data that is missing?

    thanks for your help,
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