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2nd Order DE - Power series

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    After setting out in the sums and collecting the terms in [tex]x^j[/tex] I'm left with a series of expressions in
    [tex]a_2, a_3[/tex] etc as I believe i'm supposed to. However my first expression reads

    Now i'm told that
    [tex]y(o) = 1[/tex] and
    [tex]y'(o) = 0[/tex]
    I think this means that
    [tex]a_0 = 1[/tex]
    [tex]a_1 = 0[/tex]

    does this mean that
    [tex]a_-_1 = x[/tex]?

    (My other expressions are

    i'm always left with an
    when finding the other
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    Dr Transport

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    usually, negative subscript coefficients are set equal to zero initially in series solutions for differential equations.
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