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2nd semester grades

  1. Oct 24, 2011 #1
    I am hoping someone can help me out with this question I have.

    I returned to school for another year to boost up my gpa in an attempt to get into graduate school. I have regained the competitive drive to fight for every percent and will have very good grades to show for from this year. However, most graduate schools require an application to be submitted very early in the year, in which my 2nd semester courses are just beginning and my first semester grades might not even have been added to my transcript yet. Will my grades even be seen by the graduate admission committee? Is there anyway to supplement a transcript when I do receive my grades? I will definitely make mention of this in my SOP but its always nice to have some hard evidence to show for. I really need them to see my grades from this year, it is a much better representation of my ability. They need to know I am not an idiot :P

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