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2nd Semester OChem vs. my life

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    I'm a transfer student in 2nd semester Ochem. I'm actually intending to study computer science, but I love all areas of science and I'd like to work in a scientific capacity someday (rather than just crunching code in silicon valley). My question is this:

    I got an A in the first semester Ochem, and I truly enjoyed the class. How much deeper will the 2nd semester take me in terms of being able to understand natural systems? I don't plan on being a lab chemist (i.e. I don't want to do synthesis for a living, and it seems like this is really what Semester 2 is about). If I plan to work in fields like oceanography, or biology, or other fields in the natural sciences, will I benefit greatly from the 2nd semester or do I already know enough?

    Thanks, please let me know what you think!

    note: I have an identical post in the Chemistry section and I don't know how to delete it, that's why this is a repeat. It seems like this forum is better for advice than that, but I could be wrong. Sorry for the double post!
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    You probably already know enough if that is your goal. Second semester at my university would of been NMR, organic chemistry related to bio and carbonyl chemistry. So you are missing a lot but you've learned the principles of organic chemistry already so you won't be learning a lot of new chemistry exactly.
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    Thanks Jorriss,

    Your response is very helpful. Ugh, I want to learn this stuff, it's so cool! Maybe the answer is caffeine gum and not bowing out from the academic fight.
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