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2x2, 5x5, and Gordians Knot

  1. Sep 25, 2007 #1

    I have been saving to get some new puzzles, since the only 2 that I own currently are the original 3x3 Rubik's cube and the Sudoku Rubik's cube. I started speed solving 3x3's in May, I have gotten my time down to around a minute and a half. The sudoku cube is harder, I have only solved it twice and cant imagine speed solving it.

    So last night I bribed my mom into ordering some puzzles of Amazon if I would pay her for them all I needed was the credit card. So I bought the 5x5 Professors Rubik's Cube (Holy..), A 2x2 Rubik's Ice Cube and the Gordian's Knot Puzzle. All that totaled me $70 give or take a few. Anyways they should be arriving here tomorrow and I'm pumped. The 5x5, and 2x2 i hope are self explanatory. But the Gordian's Knot puzzle, a friend in my study hall has one. It is supposedly the world's best mind teaser. I'll take that title to the test.

    I'll post here how it goes,
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    I'd like to know how the gordian knot puzzle goes. I've been thinking about getting some new puzzle games, as the Rubik's cube is getting old (I'm also a speed-solver; I average ~35 seconds); I don't feel like learning the Fredrich method... too much memorization.

    The 5x5x5 professor's cube is just a little overwhelming, even though it looks like the 4x4x4 would be much harder.
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    I'm still working the Gordian's Knot, a fun puzzle for a rainy day. But the puzzle can get frustrating.. And I learned that the puzzle can be solved all to easy when a little extra force is added :rolleyes:. I'm currently in the stage of assembling the "knot" back again to it's original state which is easier said than done.
    The 2x2 is a fun little puzzle to carry around with you, If you apply a basic method of a 3x3 (fish method, cross, H method, ect.) it can be easily solved. I used a java timer and averaged around 20 sec per solve with my best at 13.42sec, I'm sure with a little practice I could have an average of under 10.
    I still haven't received my 5x5 :cry: so I will keep you posted on that headache.

    I think I more am into the rubik's like puzzles, so I'm thinking after I get bored with my 2x2, and 5x5 I will order a Pyraminx and maybe a Megaminx (yikes).

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