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3 body collision

  1. Sep 24, 2010 #1
    Hi everybody,

    I was reading an article and I have this affirmation i dont know if correct:
    the hard sphere collision cross section for 3 bodies always equal to zero. Is it true?

    Why should it be?
    Thank you
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    You might want to provide a reference or at least a definition for "hard sphere".

    In the classical sense, it is surely unlikely that three bodies make contact simultaneously. But are you talking of a classical or a quantum system?
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    Hard sphere is the "normal" cross section we have in classical physics namely pi*radius^2.
    we are in quantum system and usually thr cross section is function of the particle speeds.

    I am trying to understand this 3 body cross section with the quantum energy bound states but all those curves drive me crazy!! maybe it is not the good way to approach it...
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