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3 Career Choices

  1. Oct 23, 2007 #1
    Alright so I should probably start thinking about what to do in Uni so here are my 3 choices, and i have some questions about them... I like space,physics, aliens, not so much chem, and law
    -Astrophysics(is it easy to find a job?(not teaching). i know it pays pretty good)
    -Civil Engineering(I heard it was the easiest of all eng., i know you can find a job here, how hard is it?)Possibly continue to become a lawyer
    -Business(at a business school like Shoelich@york) then into Coprarate Lawyer
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    civil is, in general, easier to grasp than electrical, chemical, etc, but it does entail a lot of work. Structural analysis problems take a lot of time, and my civil friends spend more time doing work than I do (mech). Don't go into something like that because you've heard it's easier. You'll feel like your wasting your time for instance, when you take a whole year learning road and highway standards, etc, unless thats somehting you want to do
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