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3-Dimentional Circuits

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    I have a manufacturing method for making true 3-dimensional circuits for any amount of layers. The circuit is self contained and is not just PCB's fixed to a mechanical cabinet and connected with wires.

    It is therefore better than doublesided Printed Circuit boards and the Motherboard - Card type PCB's.

    Does someone know if something similar already exists?
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    Yes, in your computer, and most other electronic devices. Those boards are generally not just 2-sided, but have several layers embedded within the board, making the board itself an intricate 3D structure. Sometimes, passives like low-value capacitors, inductors, and resistors can be built in. 4 layers is very common, and I've seen services offering up to 28 layers...and that's just what I've come across, I've never had reason to look for services offering production of high layer count boards.

    Active components are still usually stuck on the surfaces of the board, though boards are often stacked to when an even more 3D structure is needed (look at the PC/104 standard, or Mobile-ITX for a newer, more compact example). Some companies can apparently embed active components inside the board, or construct 3D sandwich structures for highly integrated modules and such. There's heat dissipation issues with doing this to any great degree, though.

    As for being "better", for what purpose? A system of modular boards that can be disassembled and reassembled to replace defective components or add different capabilities would be a major advantage in many situations...the motherboard/card system is far superior to a monolithic 3D circuit board system for a desktop computer.
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    I'm not altogether sure what it looks like, so you may have something unique and useful. I've seen a variety of techniques used to "pack it in." Before there were so many power supply controllers, I used to see power supply bricks that were made in multiple layers and stacked on leads that ran through them.

    Then again, I've seen memory chips stacked on upon another and tiny sensors that had small diameter boards that were linked via pins and sockets. Also, old portable radios used flex circuitry that was woven one layer upon another to get enough density to make them hand held (though heavy :).

    Hard to say without seeing it, but these are all out there. Just be sure not to show it if your working on a patent. Public disclosure will invalidate your submission.
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    Re: 3-Dimensional Circuits

    Thank you. The method is usable for any circuits.

    It is better when compactness is necessary like for the military and portable devices.

    It can have large components on all of the layers and the layers can be glued together.
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