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3 inch iron long

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    Ok, this is from the first's: :wink:

    I have an iron stick of 3 inch long,
    If I insert this stick into a baz jar then immediately insert it into an acidic (H2SO4 liq)
    will that stick be worn out ?

    How do I know it is worn ?


    Joan John
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    What do you mean by worn?

    The stick should change color in sulfuric acid. Iron (2) sulfate is green. Iron (3) sulfate is yellow. It would also create hydrogen gas, so the acidic solution would start bubbling.
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    You lost me at 'baz jar'....
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    jim mcnamara

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    It's the opposite of foobar? :smile:

    These kinds of questions are killer. The expert and the questioner have no idea what either one is saying. Next, the questioner gets angry because the expert cannot figure out what s/he really means. You should see the questions on Evolution. Even some of the well educated people go off the chart once in a while.

    * foo bar and baz are "standard names" for dummy functions in C coding examples.
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    Do you really want to do it with iron, or with Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, ecc. maybe? :wink:
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    Then I haven't grasped very well the term "baz jar". What does it mean?
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    Well if it is possible go for it.:biggrin:
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    The color looks seriously disgusting, I have watched it, I would not dare to report my projectmate's experiments with insertions of an iron stick into different jars on board for you to have a clearer analyses.
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