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3 Kinematics Problems (Solved)

  1. Oct 4, 2009 #1
    I was wondering, given my solutions and the problem statements; if someone could look over my work to see if there are any incorrect solutions/processes.


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    Problem 1

    A ball is fired from a height of 3.0m above the ground, with a speed of 13m/s and an angle of 22 below horizontal. At what time does the ball hit the ground? What is the impact velocity?

    Problem 2

    A 28kg sign is suspended by two massless cables. Find the tension in each.

    Problem 4

    In the setup shown, m1 = 0.30kg, m2 = 0.45kg and theta = 11. Also, between the first block and incline, mu = 0.40. Assume the system moves so that the first block slides up the incline. What is the acceleration of the system? What is the tension in the string?
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