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Homework Help: 3 little questions

  1. May 30, 2005 #1
    Hi everyone, I've justed started work, force, kenetic, poteintial, and acceleration over these days and I've come across these problems, some which I don't understand. I hope you guys can help out.

    1) A car travelling initailly @ 26.9 m/s comes to a stop in 2.61s. The masss of the car w/ the driver is 1180 kg. Calculate the acceleration and the net force required to cause that acceleration

    2) The force of gravity on a 251 kg spacecraft on the Moon's surface is 408 N. What is the acceleation of a free-falling object on the surface of the moon?

    3) The heaveist person in history is about 6.2 kN. Determine the mass of this record holder in kilograms.

    *If I'm not mistaken, the answer to question #3 should be 632 kg, right?

    It would be best if you could show me the steps to get to the answer.

    Many, many thanks,
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