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3 Maths in each of the semesters next year

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    I'm doing a double major in Math and Computer Science. I'm done with my sophomore year after this semester. Now the syllabus says for next semester I have to take, Probability And Statistics, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods. After that, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Variables, and a math elective which I thought I would take Mathematics of Finance. Any suggestions to switching around these maths to make my life easier? (Keep in mind I'm taking 2 CS courses also)
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    try to get some of your CS courses to count for math credit. I know thats how CS+math majors do it here. For example, I am sure you probably have to take a course on logic. If it has a significant math component to it, just ask the math department for approval to count it as a math course as well. Try to kill 2 birds with one stone as much as possible.
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    It doesn't work like that, we have a strict syllabus and we have to follow it.
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    Without these math courses you wont be considered a Math major.. that is a very, very, least that a math major should know anyway.

    Id also add Real Analysis (grad course) in your senior year if I was you. But its only a suggestion.
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    I never said I was gonna skip the courses, I just asked in what order to do those courses just to make it a easier load.
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    Oh I must have misread you - it happens.

    Id recommend taking Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods before Differential Equations before Multivariable Calculus before Probabilities/Statistics before Partial Differential Equations before Complex Variables before any further courses
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    Why make life easier? I'm taking Complex Variable Theory, PDE's and Probability Theory *right now*. You'll love it! Three math courses is the way to go. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:
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    How much time do you spend studying on these subjects?
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    I took Probabilitiy and Statics, Multivariabe Calculus, and Differential Equations at the same time along with 3 other courses and did fine. I spent most of my time playing "catch-up" because it was just so many different things to work on. I spent most of time on the differential equations course. Whether it was because I found it interesting or because it required me to spend more time on it I felt I learned the most in that one.

    Anyways you can do those 3 courses but to get all A's you gotta do math everyday. Are you taking any other courses besides those? I'm sure you will learna lot if you take all 3 and do well in them.
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    i would switch numerical methods w/ PDE (you might be doing some linear algebra stuff in that class). Sounds like you're taking a lot of math classes but they look manageable (in terms of difficulty).

    I would also recommend real analysis class (might be called advance calculus) or modern algebra for advance elective. They're proof based class but your university might offer applied modern algebra course or something similar.
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    Mathematical Analysis is a required course which I will be taking my senior year.

    Yeah I'm taking two Computer Science courses.

    The thing I'm worried about is that it will be really hard to get good grades in all 3 classes
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    Hi, i also consider switching to the math major. And also right now finishing my sophomore year. But so far ive only been taking an average of 1 math course per semester. This fall i took 0 math courses(i took 'math models in biology' which was neither math nor a bio course, it was a mistake to take it), and this semester im taking linear algebra and vector calc (calc4). Now my father says that if i take more than 1 math class per semester i'll fail, because 'math is not for your type'. so since i took 2 math courses this semester, he is not giving me any more advice, because we disagree.

    and if i am to be a math major, then next fall i'll take pde, analysis1, probability, and probably numerical analysis, and some other non-math course, i wonder if its true or not that the math courses are harder??

    i.e. i have been taking chemistry,physics so far, and i seem to spend as much time on their lecture components so far, but they also have labs, and i thought math would be easier because there are no labs. i.e. if i just take 5 lecture courses, i will only spend 3 hours in class each afternoon... or if im lucky, i could set up my schedule to get 5 hours, 3 days per week, and then on 2 days i'd be completely free.

    p.s. why do you think computer science is easier?? i.e. you have to actually write computer programs and do lots of reading.. so it is very hard to organize your time... in math, at least dont have to worry about time management, but if dont understand the material, then it sucks
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    hey i also want to ask how are the math courses ranked in terms of time commitment/ work load... i.e. i have done ode, calc1-3, now4, and now doing linear algebra. to me it seems neither of them is too difficult, i.e. i spend much more time on organic chemistry or on biology. but my father says all the courses i had taken are for babies, and if you take analysis 1 or pde it will be a whole new level of difficulty.. but he also says that i'll fail linear algebra, and he said he's not going to do my hw because i dont learn anything that way
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    Man, I'm so happy I'm done with my science requirements, I had to take Physics 1-3 which I used to spend most time on. Anyway, this semester I'm taking 2 maths Calc. 3 and Discrete Math. I have an easy Professor for Discrete Math, so I'm not feeling any burden this semester on math. But I do spend lot of time studying them, so I'm not sure about taking 3 maths. Computer Science is easy for me because I love programming and it's easy to understand for me. I took lot of programming courses in my high school, which preped me for college. I have yet to pick up any computer science book to read because I understood the stuff from the lectures easily.
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    If the offer a differential geometry class take it. Ive taken everything youve listed there sans PDE (though I took Boundary Vaolue Problems). Theyre not bad. Complex is pretty easy, though slightly tough to visualize (integrating along paths).
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